TBWA spoofs Daz ads with John Smith's spot

TBWA\London is spoofing the Danny Baker Daz doorstep challenge in its latest "no nonsense" spot for the Scottish Courage beer brand John Smith's.

The 30-second TV spot sees Baker and a film crew descend upon a residential street in Bolton, inviting householders to take part in a doorstep challenge.

Baker rings the doorbell of one house and is met by a harassed and slightly confused-looking Peter Kay, who is wearing a gleaming-white Bolton football shirt.

When asked by the enthusiastic, microphone-wielding Baker if he would be willing to swap his one packet of biological powder for two large packets of ordinary washing powder, Kay agrees without a moment's hesitation. Continuing the "no nonsense" style, Kay exchanges his washing powder with Baker and unceremoniously shuts the door on him, leaving him surprised and confused.

The end shot is of a pint of John Smith's and two cans of the bitter balanced on top of a spinning washing machine.

The spot, called "doorstep challenge", breaks on 16 June. Starcom Mediavest has planned and bought a media schedule focusing on ITV and satellite channels during coverage of the Euro 2004 Championships.

It was written and art directed by Paul Silburn and directed by Danny Kleinman through Large.

Munnawar Chishty, the marketing manager for John Smith's, said: "The new ad shows Peter's character applying his uncomplicated no-nonsense approach to life to bring one of TV's best-known advertising scenarios to an amusing and unexpected conclusion."

Kay was recruited as the face of John Smith's in 2002 following the decision to drop the cardboard cut-out "No-Nonsense Man".