TBWA unveils cinema epic for PlayStation 2

TBWA/London has stayed true to the surreal epic style of its launch

work for PlayStation 2 in a new brand campaign for the games


A 60-second ad swaps the launch spot's moody black-and-white sequences

for a frenetic piece of animation from Tim Hope, the man behind

Coldplay's Don't Panic video. However, the work retains the "third

place" theme established in the David Lynch-directed opener.

The film, which breaks in UK cinemas on 20 August, alongside Tim

Burton's Planet of the Apes remake, tells the tale of a lonely

astronomer who dreams of another life. It opens with a Little Red Riding

Hood character wandering through a wolf-infested forest - a TV programme

that the astronomer is watching alone, "in my huge leather


The astronomer finds himself thinking how wonderful a werewolf's life

would be and a manic journey begins. He is propelled from his armchair

and shoots through the house roof to be suspended against the moon,

before spinning, transforming into a vicious-looking dog, mounting his

carbon rocket and tearing off across the galaxy.

The ad, which uses a layered animation style reminiscent of cardboard

cutouts, builds in volume and pace as the wolfman acts out his wild


He is "a mad dog, a hairy person, all teeth and dribble", who smashes

through planets and punches suns. The voiceover builds to a crazed

crescendo before fading as the ad's endline floats up: "Be whoever you

want to be in the third place."

The ad closes with the PS2 logo and a link to the website,


The film is the first of seven new brand ads for PS2 that will break

across Europe, Australia and New Zealand this autumn. The spot will be

extended to TV.

The ad was written and art directed by Graham Cappi and produced by

Passion Pictures. Media planning and buying is by Manning Gottlieb