TBWA's Greenlees to step down with Dru tipped as successor

Mike Greenlees, the chief executive of TBWA Worldwide, is reported

to be leaving the network in the middle of a five-year contract.

Greenlees became the chief executive of Omnicom's third largest

advertising network in May 1998, shortly after Omnicom acquired GGT -

the network he founded in 1980 - for dollars 235 million.

Jean-Marie Dru, the president and chief executive of TBWA's

international operations, is the front-runner for the top job, according

to TBWA insiders.

Interviewed by Campaign last summer, Greenlees said his priorities were

to complete the physical merger of the TBWA and BDDP networks and to

bring greater cohesion to the network by winning more global clients. He

said: 'I inherited mergers on which the paint wasn't dry. I had to sort

those out before addressing the issue of network cohesion.'

Neither Greenlees nor the Omnicom chief executive, John Wren, returned

calls as Campaign went to press.

Perspective, p2.