TBWA's Holsten ads use Winstone

Holsten Pils has brought in the British movie hard man Ray Winstone

to provide the muscle behind its return to TV screens in a new campaign

through TBWA/London.

The ads, TBWA's first since retaining the account in a pitch last year,

break this week. They attempt to refocus Holsten as a down-to-earth,

mature brand.

Winstone, the star of Nil By Mouth and Sexy Beast, is the latest

frontman for the beer, which has been promoted by Jeff Goldblum and

Dennis Leary in the past.

The ads use a deliberately jarring, fast-cutting camera technique. Each

ad centres around Winstone leading bloke-ish discussions on favourite

topics of pub conversation. The first execution sees him musing on the

subject of films, the second has him tackling the issue of crisps. In

each case, Winstone asks himself and his audience to decide 'who's the


During the film debate, the camera cuts quickly between Winstone acting

out different movie genres and leading a good natured argument while

drinking with his mates. He visualises a horror film's damsel in

distress and sips tea while considering period drama, before concluding

that the action hero blockbuster has to be 'the daddy'.

Winstone then considers the 'daddy of all bottled beers'. He concludes

that it's an easy choice: 'It's got to be the original Holsten Pils.

Enough said.'

The crisp discussion has Winstone relaxing in a hot tub and talking in

the pub. Winstone concludes that 'the daddy' is ready salted.

'Ray Winstone is the perfect spokesman,' Andy Edge, Holsten UK's

marketing director, said. 'With his British hard man, mature attitude,

he is a perfect fit with the brand.'

The ads were written and art directed by Ben Priest and Brian Campbell,

and directed by Kevin Thomas and produced by Thomas Thomas. Media

planning and buying is handled by MediaVest.