Lauren Hogan: "We strive to give our readers immediacy, inspiring them to 'shop everything you see'"
Lauren Hogan: "We strive to give our readers immediacy, inspiring them to 'shop everything you see'"
A view from Lauren Hogan

Tech viewpoint: Net-A-Porter's Hogan on the customer journey

Innovative retailers are seeing the value in extending their services to ensure they provide a coherent user experience for customers.

To be ahead of the game, you need to expand your services beyond the basics – you need to become customers’ "go-to solution". But how do you reach this end point?

E-commerce has now moved away from a catalogue experience. Luxury brands that sell directly to consumers have the opportunity to reinvent their platforms to become truly omnichannel by being content-driven yet socially integrated at the same time, and this sets them apart from their competitors. To do this seamlessly, you need to create platforms that provide a multitude of "channels". 

As products are available from multiple suppliers, there must be a unique factor that drives the customer to the desired platform. 

Our magazine Porter provides inspiring content for readers, enabling them to scan every page to access stocked and non-stocked products, sending readers directly to goods available from external brands. We strive to give our readers an experience of immediacy, inspiring them to consume the content on the pages and "shop everything you see".

To extend this experience, we connect our customers to our concierge service that is able to provide 24-hour help, even on items stocked from other retailers. 

Businesses need to take advantage of the chance to become the number-one solution for their customers’ needs by going above and beyond what’s offered by the competition.

This means one-to-one advice delivered digitally. A personal shopping service that engages both the customer and personal shopper, allowing them to secure purchases, and gives style advice on the go in a fast-paced environment.

A customer’s journey will soon rely on personalisation. Being able to personalise the service we provide offers the opportunity to not only better understand the consumer but to optimise the way we operate.

To realise the benefits of personalisation, it is essential for a retailer to focus on providing high-quality digital product information across all channels. Retailers need to ensure that the purchasing and delivery of items are convenient for the consumer. They need to deliver the highest standard of branded packaging. Same-day delivery for customers is a must.

Retailers that are able to use the creative power of online content to satisfy and engage shoppers will remain in the consciousness of the consumer.

Lauren Hogan, digital magazine producer, Yoox Net-A-Porter Group