Telewest targets gamers with mailpack by Rapier

LONDON - Telewest is using a direct marketing campaign by Rapier to increase subscriptions to its broadband internet service among console gamers.

Telewest targets gamers with mailpack by Rapier

The pack comes in a CD-shaped format with the words "stop playing with yourself" across the front.

Inside, copy explains that by signing up for broadband, gamers will be able to play against other gamers across the UK via the internet, rather than playing by themselves.

The campaign offers the Blueyonder gaming pack to Sony PlayStation2 and Xbox owners for £30.

Telewest is targeting social gamers, who enjoy playing console games with friends.

The vans driven by Telewest engineers are also being used to support the campaign. They carry the line "How's your driving?" to refer to console driving games.

Chad Raube, the director of internet services at Telewest Broadband, said: "In order to accelerate broadband adoption among the mass market, it is becoming increasingly important for internet service providers to bring broadband to life. This campaign targets distinct segments with messages relevant to them."

The pack was written by Hugo Bone and art directed by Tony Clements.

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