The ten graduate commandments

LONDON - Ben Fennell outlines his top ten tips on how to stay employed once you get that first job in advertising. ten tips ten tips

1. Don't change, the reason you've been hired is because someone saw something interesting, don't lose your edges, this business needs more difference.

2. Don't compete, the competitive bit is over, you've got the job, time now to show that you can work together. The more you make each other look good the better you will look.

3. Don't be late, simple business courtesy needs to be learnt. There's no better way to win yourself the ‘arrogant grad' label than turning up late without a book.

4. Don't compare salaries with your university friends in law, management consultancy or banking. It will only depress you. Instead go and visit their offices, it will make you feel better.

5. Don't rush, there is lots to learn and plenty of time. Accelerated learning is much more important than accelerated promotion.

6. Don't ask to switch to being a planner in your second week. There is more to account handling than contact reports and competitive reviews, just not yet.

7. Don't worry, everyone will help you if you ask. We all started a career at some stage. Don't suffer in silence, find some mentors.

8. Don't forget who was nice to you and who wasn't. People who treat grads badly are like people who treat waiters and secretaries badly; they shouldn't be trusted and they always get what they deserve.

9. Don't sacrifice things that you love doing. Find that art course, karate club or drama group. You will be much better at your job if you keep some sense of balance and perspective.

10. Don't streak, there will be cameras at agency parties and you might end up as the managing director!

By Ben Fennell, the managing director of Bartle Bogle Hegarty