Tequila, FootLocker and Adidas team up for promotional drive

LONDON – Tequila\London has partnered with Foot Locker and Adidas to target 15- to 24-year-olds with a street media campaign to promote the new Adidas_1 'intelligence level 1.1' shoe.

The street media, in the form of a 3D vinyl, will be placed outside major Foot Locker stores in London, Berlin, Paris, Milan and Rome.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the "World's first intelligent shoe", which has "just got smarter" and features new colours and improved technology since its official launch in March.

The shoe is now available in six colours and works by adapting its cushioning depending on whether you move faster or slower or when the ground gets harder or softer beneath your feet.

Additional activities include sampling of leaflets and a free giveaway in-store of Adidas- and Foot Locker-branded metal neck tags.

The promotional events will take place across the five European cities from November 25 to 28.

Foot Locker has recently appointed brand experience agency Sledge to drive sales with an in-store entertainment programme to tie in with its advertising, produced by Amsterdam agency FHV BBDO.

Foot Locker brand director Iain Howe said the store is planning to invest more in store promotion in the next year with in-store events such as competitions, street theatre and celebrity appearances.

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