Tesco explores hands-free shopping with Google Glass app

Tesco has launched a Google Glass app, allowing shoppers who have forked out £990 for the headset to see nutritional information or add groceries to their online basket.

Tesco: seeing a future in Google Glass
Tesco: seeing a future in Google Glass

Created by the supermarket's R&D arm, Tesco Labs, the Tesco Groceries app is available this week and allows headset wearers either to scan any Tesco groceries in their home, or search for products by voice, to bring up nutritional information.

For example, a wearer could say: "OK Glass, find a product...cheese" to bring up information and buying options, according to innovation engineer Pablo Coberly.

Tesco also appears to be exploring the use of wearables during the online shopping process, with Glass owners able to add searched items to their online shopping basket. 

The retailer hasn't managed to integrate its entire e-commerce and payment system with Google Glass however, since wearers will have to return to the Tesco mobile or apps to complete the checkout. 

Coberly said this was "just the beginning of the journey" for Google Glass and Tesco.

He said: "We are keen to discover how we can take Glass further, how we can improve the experience for customers and what [customers'] thoughts on Glass and other wearables are."

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