Tesco invites offers to run in-store TV network

Tesco is understood to have asked for briefs from screen media companies looking to run its in-store TV network.

The network is currently sold by the supermarket giant’s six-sheet contractor, JCDecaux.
However, advertisers have not rushed to the medium, either at Tesco’s stores or to similar offerings at rival retailers such as Asda and Sainsbury’s. The latter recently pulled the plug on its pilot, Fresh TV.
One of the difficulties for Decaux was its lack of control over the product. Outdoor contractors usually install and maintain the media on which they are selling space. With Tesco TV, the screens, software and content have all been provided by separate companies.
Decaux is understood to be conducting a root and branch review of its Tesco TV offering, and may submit proposals for a revised service. Decaux has a long term contract to sell both Tesco TV and the supermarket’s six-sheets. Both Tesco and Decaux declined to comment.