Tesco moves lads' titles up its shelves

Tesco has decided to obscure the front covers of men's magazines such as Zoo and Loaded and place them higher up on its shelves.

The UK's leading supermarket group said its customers had complained about the sexually explicit and unsuitable content of some of the men's magazine covers, but it has denied accusations of censorship.

"They won't be put on the top shelf but they will be moved up the stands and some of the content will be covered up. But you'll still be able to see the masthead," David Cooke, a senior buyer at Tesco, said.

"Our desire is to accommodate all our customers, not to tell editors what to do."

Tesco was also accused of censorship six months ago when it was claimed that the supermarket had demanded to see men's magazines 48 hours before their publication with a view to pressurising their publishers into making changes.

"It's a vibrant magazine sector and we want to continue to sell titles, but we're a family-based supermarket and we have to be mindful of that," Cooke added.