Tesco spends £4m on Christmas press and TV advertising

Tesco, the UK's biggest supermarket, has launched a £4 million Christmas TV and print campaign through Lowe and Initiative Media.

The advertising, featuring the Prunella Scales character Dotty on her 56th outing, aims to show how Tesco can make festive shopping easier.

Three TV spots will run on national channels, along with four press ads.

One spot trails Tesco's online shopping business, Tesco.com, which is one of the world's most successful and was made a separate company in 2000. "Animals" shows the benefits of online home delivery when purchasing a large number of goods.

The TV campaign is supplemented with press advertising, which will appear in the weekend supplements of the national newspapers.

The TV ads were written by Derek Apps and art directed by Tom Norton.

They were directed by David Garfarth through The Paul Weiland Film Company.

Robin Gray, Tesco's advertising controller, said: "We feel that these are a great dramatisation of our commitment to make shopping at Tesco easier and more enjoyable for our customers."