Tetra Pak in talks for £4m consumer push

The packaging specialist Tetra Pak is talking to agencies about a multimillion-pound marketing push to raise the company's profile among consumers.

The company, which made its fortune developing and manufacturing cartons for liquid foods such as milk and soup, is believed to have a budget of £4 million. It will shortlist five agencies for the business.

Although Tetra Pak's primary market is business customers, the company is looking to heighten consumer awareness of its products.

In recent years, the trend for liquid food products has shifted away from cartons towards glass bottles. Tetra Pak is hoping to use advertising to reverse this trend and position itself in front of mind as the number-one packaging brand.

Tetra Pak, which has already deployed this strategy in France, has taken its lead from companies such as Intel, which encourages customers to look for its components in computers.

The move is part of an ambitious growth strategy by Tetra Pak, which is hoping to increase its sales by 50 per cent during the next five years.

As well as stepping up its marketing spend, the company has increased the number of new pack designs from 25 in 1998 to more than 40 in 2002.

Tetra Pak is part of the Swedish company Tetra Leval, which was formerly owned by the Swedish-born entrepreneur Hans Rausing.