The buzz

Every week Campaign rounds up the buzz on Twitter around the most popular stories on the social platform. This week, the Twittersphere reacts to Channel 4's series of promos by Vizeum, featuring stars giving advice to their younger selves as part of a campaign for 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past'.

The buzz

guys have you seen my advice to my younger self on the @channel4? #pukka Tell me what your advice would be using #MyFuturePast
Jamie Oliver, @jamieoliver  

@KirstieMAllsopp @Channel4 #MyFuturePast To believe in my gut instinct and to be brave and take chances x
Stacey Hughes, @anangelinheaven  

#myfuturepast I remember when @Channel4 was good, not just a vehicle for #XMen & @waitrose
Gareth Colwell, @GJ_Colwell  

#MyFuturePast advert on @Channel4 (during Agents of SHIELD) was awesome! Here’s to @EllenPage’s comment about how great is is to be #out!
Eric Mackay, @brandedyouth

What would I tell myself if I could go back in time? Hey, you aren’t actually *that* fat #MyFuturePast
Richard Sandling, @squat_betty