The buzz

The buzz

Despite irking the Kiwis for a lack of All Black players, Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s ‘too big to miss’ for the 2015 Rugby World Cup is proving a hit. The stirring speech delivered by Game Of Thrones’ Charles Dance adds appeal to those outside the rugby world.

Rugby World Cup 2015 ad is awesome.

Well having Charles Dance do the Rugby World Cup ad was the best decision they ever made.

hahahaha kiwis complaining about being left out of rugby world cup ad.

Watching Charles dance’s motivational speech in the new rugby World Cup ad and it’s no coincidence that the lannisters have won so many wars.

So I take it we’re over being left out of the Rugby World Cup ad now?

Just saw the Rugby World Cup ad with Charles Dance. It’s a thing of magic, love that man.