The buzz

The Red Brick Road’s debut ad for the takeaway service Just Eat has garnered mixed reviews. The spot, ‘mini fist pump’, has attracted some prudish but predictable comments about a baby celebrating breastfeeding time.

The new just eat advert is incredible, might even use them just for the advert

The just eat advert with the pregnant pandas is fab

I know I can’t be the only one thinking that just eat advert is a bit of a weird one #fistpump #breastfeeding

Is it just my people freaked out by the just eat advert? Baby giving a fist bump when mum starts opening her blouse is just creepy

That Just Eat advert when the baby does the fist pump at the mums boob. I can’t get over how disgusting I think it is...

Awful advert for Just Eat appears to have a (boy) baby making a sexual gesture as it’s mother moves to breast feed it @EverydaySexism