The buzz

The buzz

Kit Kat’s tactical Tweet that mocked the bendiness of Apple’s iPhone 6, by JWT London, was a hit on social media. It overtook Oreo’s Super Bowl Tweet for the highest number of retweets.

Kit-Kat’s ad mocking the fate of the iPhone 6 in #BendGate is the most retweeted adverts of all time on twitter! @KITKAT #iphone6

I love how Kit Kat is burying the new iphone lmao

Just too easy...Even Heineken and Kit Kat are poking fun at Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus #bendgate

Erm. Kit Kat aren’t exactly a rival of Apple. ‘Oooh I’m not sure whether I want an iPhone 6 or a 6 finger Kit Kat’

"@KITKAT: We don’t bend, we #break. #bendgate #iPhone6plus" You know you’re screwed when kit Kat is getting at you