The buzz

The buzz

Karmarama’s epic ‘God Only Knows’ spot for BBC Music – a homage to the Leagas Delaney ‘Perfect Day’ ad of 1997 – has attracted widespread Twitter comments

If the BBC want to use God Only Knows for the music ad why not use the original as none can sing it but Carl Wilson RIP #bbc@BBCOne

God Only Knows how they got @FooFightersDave to look godly in BBC Music

"A propaganda film, made by a dictatorship losing its credibility" the Independant nails the case against BBCmusic ad

That BBC music ad is amazing!

Seen the BBC’s ‘For the Love of Music’ ad yet? Brian Wilson, Chrissie Hynde, Stevie Wonder...and Chris Martin. I love unintentional comedy.

Anyone seen the BBC Music ad? It’s great and actually a bit spiritual, don’t you think? #implicitGod