The buzz

The buzz

More than 150,000 people have joined a Facebook campaign asking Premier Foods to bring back the Oxo ads, created by JWT, in memory of the late actress Lynda Bellingham

I loved the adverts, so a big YES to its return as a tribute to this lovely lady.
Pam Exley

That special lady still deserves every award. R.i.p. ive grown up with her OXO adverts. Lets honour her in every way possible please peeps x
Niki Lissimore

Lynda wanted to be known as an actress not just the oxo mum x
Kerri Saunders

I’m reading her book and she didn’t want to encourage the advertising of oxo as they had dropped her 1999. X
Heather Davie

Bring them back...all of them. I loved seeing ‘the family’ grow up with
Tina Nunn