The buzz

Jam has created an app called Samaritans Radar for the charity that monitors Tweets from people you follow. If it finds phrases indicating that people are struggling to cope, the app sends you an e-mail alert. It has been widely criticised for invading privacy as well as aiding trolls.

#SamaritansRadar points to a future when Twitter will become unusable except for advertising your gig. Anything personal can be stolen.

I don’t often sign petitions - but this one is worthwhile. The @samaritans should shut down #SamaritansRadar.

Wow. What a #fail the
@samaritans Radar is. Ill-informed people knocking back the great work of their organisation & creating a PR disaster

I like this a lot. Sometimes the only way people reach out is through cryptic statuses. #SamaritansRadar