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Sainsbury's ad: by AMV BBDO
Sainsbury's ad: by AMV BBDO

Since the launch of the Sainsbury’s Christmas spot last week, the question on everyone’s lips is: whose festive ad is better – Sainsbury’s or John Lewis? We take to Twitter to find out

You can keep your john lewis penguin, I’ve just watched the sainsbury’s ad. And bawled my eyes out.

The Sainsburys ad is beautifully shot but its not anywhere near as good as Monty. Lets see how much sales & footfall it drives.

Oh the john Lewis advert was good.... But @sainsburys is nothing short of genius. Very poignant and moving!! Crying like a baby!

Wow Sainsbury’s just plucked, stuffed and roasted the John Lewis Penguin. #christmas

Sainsburys just took John Lewis to the cleaners in the advert stakes. Actually enjoyed that And thats coming from someone who hates adverts.