The buzz

The buzz

Coldplay has been forced to deny that the song in this year’s ad for the Sky Movies Christmas channel is its latest track, Miracles. Coldplay fans, and the NME, had got all excited about the trailer but Coldplay stopped all the fun when it Tweeted the song was nothing to do with the band

Coldplay unveil new song ‘Miracles’ on Sky TV advert

I can’t wait for Coldplay to release Miracles. Sounds like a Christmas number one worthy song to me.

Ok im done. Goodbye world i will resurface when coldplay new song miracles is released

I’m really hoping that coldplay’s "Miracles" is just a cover of insane clown posse

Contrary to some reports, the song featured in a TV channel’s Christmas trailer is not Miracles (or any other Coldplay song)!