The buzz

The buzz

A new ad by 101 showcases the Vauxhall Corsa in scenes of everyday British life and features the different types of people who drive the car.

New Corsa tv ad... Blimey. Missed their chance, should’ve called it Vauxhall Chavalier.

Did Vauxhall just make an ad that shows how real customers actually use their Corsa? Yes, they just did.

The new corsa ad though @vauxhall #iWantOne

The best thing in this Vauxhall Corsa ad by 101 London is "There’s a Beast and We All Feed It" by Jake Bugg :) #ad

Just seen the ad for the new Corsa.Gimme!! @vauxhall

Does #JakeBugg feature on every TV ad? Now the soundtrack to the new #vauxhall #corsa TVC. We may need a break.