Things we like: Goodstuff's media showcase
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Things we like: Goodstuff's media showcase

Three cheers for Goodstuff Communications, which has invited media owners to pitch their most exciting opportunities to an auditorium full of independent creative agencies in order to inspire the next big idea.

The inaugural "Media Showcase" event in June is being launched in recognition of independent agencies not getting as much airtime with media owners, according to Simeon Adams (pictured), creative partner at Goodstuff. Lucky Generals, 18 Feet & Rising, Wieden & Kennedy and Fold7 are among the agencies that will be in attendance.  

Guardian parting ways with Rusbridger

Alan Rusbridger’s decision not to pursue the chairmanship of The Scott Trust, The Guardian’s owner, has saved the organisation a headache it did not need right now. As Guardian News & Media goes through the painful process of culling up to 250 jobs to tackle its debt, senior figures at the company had opposed the former editor’s return after it burned through £80m of its cash pile over the past year.

...And one thing we don’t…

Facebook censor claims 

Facebook is in dangerous territory if allegations are proved true that it censored conservative news stories from its trending topics section. The last thing digital media needs is another trust issue. The social media giant has now launched a "full investigation" into the claims and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has invited "leading conservatives" to talk with him.