Things we like: Intelligent outdoor

Outdoor media continues to break new ground, with M&C Saatchi claiming the first-ever artificially intelligent poster last week.

Things we like: Intelligent outdoor

A genetic algorithm in a bus shelter on Oxford Street measures people’s reactions to executions through cameras that determine happiness or sadness. In a Darwinian twist to creativity, ads that fail to engage will be "killed off" while those that do will survive and inform future work.

Sky’s new skills hub

Sky is the latest major media owner to invest in developing digital skills with the creation of a technology hub in the north of England. The new facility, which will create up to 400 skilled jobs, will open later this year in Leeds. Its focus will be on designing and developing Sky’s next generation of websites and apps. Sky is also expanding its commitment to those starting out in their careers by creating its second Software Engineering Academy, also in Leeds.

Guardian’s privacy debate

The encrypted communications company Silent Circle has formed a branded content partnership with Guardian Labs to examine issues around global privacy. The investigative series – The power of privacy – will explore what becomes possible when businesses and people take control back, and aims to "turn the conversation around privacy from one of fear to one of positivity".

And one thing we don’t…

Boos for Gio Compario
And so Gocompare.com has resurrected its infamous opera-singing brand mascot in its latest ad campaign, created by Chris and Siân Wilkins. The volte-face from the comparison site was always going to be a high-risk strategy, and the reaction on social media suggests it’s a gamble that hasn’t paid off. Saatchi & Saatchi’s Richard Huntington seemed to capture the feeling when he Tweeted: "The recent advertising history of @Gocompare must rank as one of the worst episodes of brand stewardship since Coke Classic #GioReturns".