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Racing UK and UM London are congratulated for innovative media offerings, while Channel 4's return to its public-service broadcaster roots is welcomed with open arms.

Racing UK's OB from The Boot & Shoe, Pontefract

"Racing should be all about having a drink and a bet and a bit of banter." No, dear reader, not our words but those of Les Thompson, landlord of The Boot & Shoe, Ackworth, near Pontefract, West Yorkshire. But we tend to agree and Thompson's pub was the winner of a competition to host a live broadcast by Racing UK earlier this month. As well as showing that pubs are great places for watching racing, it was also an effective way of advertising to other publicans that Racing UK does not require a Sky subscription.

StatOil's Daily Telegraph coverwrap

You might think that the StatOil media account is hardly one to set the pulses racing but UM London's early work for the advertiser is proving more interesting than expected. Last week's transluscent cover-wrap of The Daily Telegraph stood out in the market much more than the usual full-page corporate ad, and the medium seemed well-fitted to the provocative creative message relating to the UK's energy future. Good work on a potentially very dull account.

Dispatches: Conservation's Dirty Secrets

More evidence, following last week's Sri Lanka's Killing Fields, that Channel 4 is making a slow but steady return to its public-service broadcaster roots with this episode of Dispatches investigating the conservation movement and their priorities and methods. On at 8pm, some scenes (such as villagers being burned out of their homes or elephants being shot at close range) made for particularly uncomfortable viewing. This is exactly what Channel 4 should be about.

David Ogilvy's centennial celebrations

Ogilvy & Mather is planning to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of David Ogilvy this evening (Thursday) in style. As well as the longest red carpet ever seen in Cannes, running the entire length of the Croisette and leading to the steps of the Grand Auditorium where a giant billboard will announce the centenary, all the lights along the boulevard will be red. It should set the evening up nicely for the agency's celebration at Le Grand Hotel.

And one thing we don't ...

The death of Simon Brint

And, finally, some genuinely sad news. Fans of 80s French & Saunders (ie. when they were still funny) will be sorry to hear of the death of Simon Brint who, along with Rowland Rivron, made up the spoof musical amateurish act Raw Sex. Brint's character Ken was best known for wearing what looked like a hearing-aid and playing the keyboard, while Rivron's shambolic Duane played the bongos in a drunken manner. Although Brint was an accomplished professional musician and composer, Raw Sex counts as one of his funniest achievments. RIP.