CBS Outdoor... good use of digital screens
CBS Outdoor... good use of digital screens
A view from Russell Davies

Things we like

Boxing documentaries, digital outdoor screens and robust research make us happy. Emily Maitlis does not.

The Fight Of Their Lives on ITV1

ITV's documentary on the brutal boxing bout between Nigel Benn and Gerald McClellan in 1995 veered between the savage and the poignant, but was riveting throughout. It told the story of the contest that ended in tragedy for McClellan and also a period of depression and then reinvention for Benn, who had to come to terms with the injuries sustained by his opponent. Somehow, the film brought out a sense of nobility from the actions of the night as well as exploring the controversy that followed.

The Newspaper Society's Local Business Accelerators initiative

The Newspaper Society usually manages to pack a punch with its marketing campaigns, and its latest aims to engage young businesses with the offer of advertising in local newspapers. Ads by St Luke's use the line "accelerate your business" and make a real impact as they are running across 500 local titles. The offer of £15 million free advertising space and some mentoring could also make a difference in boosting start-ups across the country.

National Readership Survey offering combined offline and online figures

It has been a consistent complaint from buyers that newspaper groups don't offer combined offline and online readership figures, so it's good to see that the National Readership Survey plans to do so from spring 2012. NRS Padd will combine UKOM data with readership data for the print issues of newspapers and magazines.

Time Out's London Underground deal

CBS Outdoor deserves credit for its investment in digital screens on London's Underground and, this week, Time Out launched one of the best uses of the network of sites that we have seen to date. The publisher will run regular and updated recommendations of things to do around the city and will use 60 of the cross-track projector screens. It is a smart bit of activity from Time Out that should engage commuters and tourists with the brand.


Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook

Parts of this Money Programme special on BBC Two weren't bad, but the presenter Emily Maitlis essentially failed in her main task of uncovering anything new about the Facebook founder. Critics that suggested this documentary was PR puff for Facebook were wide of the mark and the bits on its advertising model were mildly diverting, but Zuckerberg, as usual, was giving little away. We did, however, discover a great deal about Maitlis' penchant for tight jeans and her amusing catwalk strut as she exited a series of limos - perhaps there just wasn't much of interest or any heart and soul to discover at the social network.