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This week Channel 4 manages to both delight and enrage.

Party Paramedics
Party Paramedics

Vogue fashion festival

Conde Nast is making laudable strides into education with plans to open the Conde Nast College of Fashion & Design for 300 students in September. Ahead of this, the publisher's Vogue title has formed a commercial partnership with the luxury mobile phone brand Vertu to host a fashion festival this spring, which will include workshops with some of the industry's leading talents. Vogue is launching a daily news app in association with Vertu that gives access to fashion news throughout the April festival as well as interviews and party pictures.

Channel 4's Monday-night schedule

On the MasterChef-less void that is Monday night, Channel 4 provides some welcome and alternative entertainment with two fine commissions. Its acclaimed fly-on-the-wall series Coppers makes a welcome return, this time following the nefarious goings-on around the streets and housing estates of Nottingham, and the efforts of the police to keep tabs on the wrong-doers. Immediately after is Party Paramedics, a three-part series following the attempts of medical staff to patch up the victims of Britain's binge-drinking culture both here and abroad. Aside from having some amusing moments (drunks are funny, aren't they?) and the generosity in spirit of those willing to give up their evenings to help the vulnerable, it also offers some frankly depressing societal explanations on why binge-drinking has become so prevalent among the young. Unmissable stuff.

TV viewing figures

It's partly due to formats such as the three mentioned above (but not the two below) that TV viewing has maintained its high levels. Well, that and the fact that no-one can afford to go out as much as they used to. According to research from Thinkbox, Barb figures show that the average viewer watched four hours and two minutes of linear TV a day in 2011. In even better news for commercial broadcasters, 64 per cent of this was on their channels - a 1.3 per cent increase on the previous year. Time-shifted viewing is still less than 10 per cent of all TV viewed, so those who predicted the end of live TV seem to have got that horribly wrong.


The Fabulous Baker Brothers

Has Channel 4's commissioning department, cookery section, suddenly been overrun by former public schoolgirls with an eye for posh male totty? That can be the only explanation for the presence of The Fabulous Baker Brothers, and the equally execrable Hugh's Three Hungry Boys, on our screens. In the former, we are forced to watch two insufferable twits, who happen to be siblings, engaging in phoney banter and patronising sexist talk as they knock up a range of pastries and pies. Utter garbage.