Matt Pye, managing director, Cheil UK
Matt Pye, managing director, Cheil UK
A view from Matt Pye

Think BR: 2013: Gender recognition, dual screen shopping and 3D printing

What can we expect from the world of marketing in 2013, asks Matt Pye, managing director, Cheil UK.

The end of every year is always marked by lists and predictions. In marketing, our fascination with crystal balls is given an extra edge from the commercial imperative on brand owners and their agencies to be slightly ahead of the curve when it comes to romancing shoppers and consumers.

Any agency worth its salt will have its own take on what the next 12 months hold. At Cheil UK, our view into the future is underpinned by deep expertise - and the necessary soupcon of fun. Here’s what we think 2013 might hold... 

  1. In 2013 our shopper will expect their shopping experience to be even more convenient and personal: everywhere [here]; instant [now]; personal [me].
  2. Shoppers will start to find ways to disconnect from brands, presenting a challenge for brands to help reconnect with shoppers.
  3. Brands will increase their investment in establishing experiences which marry the digital and physical worlds.
  4. Gender recognition digital screens in OOH will deliver more targeted advertising, serving copy relevant to the majority of oncoming pedestrians. It will also allow data collection by day of week & day part by location. Facial recognition technology currently used for safety, will also translate into the commercial world, serving advertising based on male or female.
  5. More brands will recognise the importance of establishing a R&D/innovation element of their communications budget which will be invested in activity to learn rather than sell.
  6. There will be a hardware renaissance. Tech start-ups will stop focusing exclusively on software services, like apps, websites, and start making a huge variety of smart devices that aren’t mobile phones...
  7. ... Having said that, mobile commerce will increase exponentially as transacting via smartphone becomes simpler and more convenient...
  8. ... and OOH will see wi-fi installed in places that were previously inaccessible – complete access across the tube network will mean consumers will be more connected than ever before and will expect everything immediately, even underground. 
  9. Dual screen experience will move into the realms of shopping as platforms such as Zeebox and recognition apps begin to re-define impulse purchase.
  10. 3D printing will go mainstream as businesses start to understand the opportunity as well as the threat that 3D poses to their business.

And finally, the only really reliable prediction is the fact that we’ll be doing this all over again this time next year...

Matt Pye, managing director, Cheil UK