Thinkbox 'it's funny how 30 seconds can last a lifetime' by Red Brick Road

LONDON - Thinkbox, the TV marketing body, is unveiling its first ever TV ad campaign to support the medium.

The TV spot, created by The Red Brick Road, breaks on Sunday evening at 9.15pm with a roadblock across dozens of commercial TV channels.

It features a man visiting a hypnotherapist who when induced into a deep trance reveals an amazing knowledge of famous TV advertising lines and jingles.

Impressions of famous ad characters, including the R White’s lemonade drinker and the Sugar Puffs Honey Monster, emerge deep from his subconscious.

The campaign is designed to demonstrate the power and effectiveness of TV advertising and targets marketing directors and media planners as well as attempting to create a wider buzz around TV advertising.

Thinkbox is paying for the campaign from its central budget at market rates.

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