The Thinkboxes Shortlist for January/February 2010

A view from ... Danny Brooke-Taylor

Hold it right there, sports fans ... this is the moment we've been waiting for ... the fat lad chucks his crisps in the air and makes a run for it ... through town ... through country ... there's no stopping him ... he hotfoots it across the beach into the sea ... he doesn't just walk on water, he sprints ... all the way to Morocco, Nigeria, Congo ... give the lad an Um Bongo ... he pegs it past the rhinos ... he skins an ostrich ... this is more like it ... he doesn't take pictures of his todger ... he doesn't shag your ex ... this is a real hero ... into South Africa ... into his kit and boots ... into the stadium ... the gaffer's bringing him on ... go on my son ... now's your chance ... round one ... round another ... edge of the box ... shooooot!!! ... he's let one fly ...it bends past the keeper ... back of the net!!! ... get in you fucking beauuuttttyyy ... one-nil Visa ... they think it's all over ... it is now.

- Danny Brooke-Taylor, creative director, MCBD


Cravendale's stop-motion animated plastic figurines are back in action in a new spot produced by the Belgian Pic Pic Andre animation team - Stephane Aubier and Vincent Patar. To promote the fact that Cravendale milk stays fresher for longer, the cyclist, the pirate and the cow are transported back to the past thanks to their fridge, which, when hit by lightning, fuses with the kitchen clock, becoming a time machine. First, they're catapulted back to ancient Egypt where they make Cleopatra's wishes come true by filling her bath with Cravendale. They then find themselves in the time of myth and legend where they're called upon to douse the flames of a fire-breathing dragon by pouring more of their milk down its throat. The ad continues the company's focus on Cravendale's long-life properties. As the pay-off puts it, Cravendale is "purer so it stays fresher longer".

Creative agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Creative: Freddie Powell
Client: Jessica Hardcastle
Production company: Not To Scale
Director: Pic Pic Andre


Creative inspiration and strategic media thinking dovetail neatly in this latest work from Ikea, which cleverly utilises trademark elements of the "surprise makeover" TV programming genre. Three executions carry a single narrative in three parts (an old kitchen is ripped out and scrapped, a new one is planned, then, almost by magic, installed) - and they were scheduled into three consecutive ad breaks within Channel 4's property show Relocation, Relocation. The comedian Sanderson Jones plays the makeover-master while Kitchen Squad members are played by real-life Ikea workers. The ad is central to Ikea's push to become synonymous with kitchens. Ikea believes its competitive advantage lies in its understanding of how people live and what they need to enjoy their homes. The Kitchen Squad gives Ikea an opportunity to show real people and real kitchens in real-life situations.

Creative agency: Beattie McGuinness Bungay
Creative team: Laurie Smith, Steve Robertson, Simon Bere
Client: Geraldine Stewart
Production company: Monkey Kingdom
Director: Ben Caron


This latest ad in Renault's "modern times" series for the Twingo features another surprising take on family life. The previous film in this campaign had a mother seeing a poster advertising her daughter's starring role in a risque nightclub act - and the mother merely asks why the daughter hasn't told her she's found a job. This execution features a young man driving a Twingo through a night-time cityscape with his friends. They come across a group of drag queens at the entrance of a club. Upon closer inspection, the guy recognises his dad dressed as one of the women - but instead of being shocked, he shouts: "Hey, Dad ... Can you get us in?" Its soundtrack, as with the previous execution, is the catchy Whistle by the French drum and bass duo Sporto Kantes. The brief was to make the range sexier and make the brand appealing to a younger target audience while reaffirming Renault's return to a focus on driving pleasure.

Creative agency: Publicis Italia
Creative team: Patrizio Marini, Gilda Buccino, Claudia Canapini
Client: Elsa Grandperrin
Production company: Sam Fontaine, Jessica Piergiovanni (La Pac)
Director: Bart Timmer


Visa's latest campaign promotes its sponsorship of this summer's Fifa World Cup in South Africa while also continuing the theme of its previous "running man" creative work. To a sountrack of Isla de Encanta by The Pixies, the film shows the journey of an overweight man, first seen watching football in his living room. Inspired, he gets up from the sofa and sprints continuously from his house, down the high street and across Europe and Africa, to reach South Africa in time to play in a World Cup game. As he runs, buying items using his contactless Visa card, he slowly loses weight, until he finally arrives at the game, runs on to the pitch and scores a goal. The brief was to develop a fun and impactful way to drive customer engagement with the brand, as well as showing how Visa can help people overcome barriers and get one step closer to making their dreams a reality.

Creative agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Creative: Xander Smith
Client: Mark Giffin
Production company: Gorgeous
Director: Chris Palmer

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