Three alternative catering ideas for the Christmas feast

If you fancy twisting up the traditional Christmas meal this year, look no further. Event lists three alternative Christmas catering ideas.

La Belle Assiette: Christmas pre-tox experience
La Belle Assiette: Christmas pre-tox experience

A little bit on the side

Event caterers Tonic have come up with two alternative side orders to add an extra dimension to the Christmas meal. First up is the brie croquette, which uses the rich, french cheese as a not-so-light way of livening up the tastebuds. This dish is the perfect indulgent snack, and uses a sandwich block of brie which is sliced and coated with flour, eggs, milk and breadcrumbs. The slices are then fried and served as a starter or Christmas Day snack. Another recommended dish is a carrot and chesnut ketchup, which blends the two main ingredients along with cider vinegar, sugar, ground cumin, ground cinnamon and water. The result? An alternative dipping sauce for your traditional Christmas meal.

Twisting up tradition

Most of us recognise the real base of the Christmas meal as the roast turkey. But who says you have to lose the key ingredient to switch up tradition? Tonic has an alternative to the Christmas meat and two veg: turkey and butternut squash ravioli. Pasta doesn't necessarily scream Christmas, but with the addition of the traditionally festive meat the dish takes on a whole new life. And when it comes to the pud, not everyone is a fan of the typical brandy-covered dessert. A chocolate, walnut and chestnut torte is a pudding alternative - we're not quite sure how it would work when set alight, however. 

It's not too late...

...For a Christmas pretox. Earlier this month, catering company La Belle Assiette hosted a 'Christmas Pretox' dining experience. The experience served skinny champagne with a three course meal, in addition to fresh juices which were distributed to guests on arrival. The catering company staged the event after learning that Britons gain an average of 2.7kg over the Christmas period, so sought to tackle this issue by using their top chefs who specialise in health and nutrition.

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