Threshers backs Facebook 'buy a real drink' app

LONDON - The off-licence group behind Threshers is partnering a new Facebook application, which allows people to buy their friends real rather than virtual drinks to be picked up in-store.

The application is called GetThemIn and is owned by an Edinburgh-based company called Freak Marketing.

GetThemIn has entered into an exclusive off-trade partnership with First Quench covering around 1,500 stores across its Threshers, The Local, Wine Rack, and Haddows in Scotland brands. It is also in talks with potential on-trade partners.

The app allows people to pay for gift drinks, however the recipient must also sign up to GetThemIn and a hard copy voucher is sent through the post.

Only a limited range of drinks brands are participating in the scheme. They include well-known beers Heineken and Foster's, Hardy's and Blossom Hill wines, Taittinger Champagne and Teachers whisky.

Maltesers, Doritos and Walkers Sensations have also signed up.

First Quench and GetThemIn have worked closely with responsible drinking body DrinkAware to ensure the application is only accessible by those of drinking age. Around 85% of Facebook users are 18-years-old and above.

Jay Feeney, the founder of GetThemIn, said: "It is fantastic to have the UK's leading independent specialist drinks retailer as our partner in our debut Facebook application that allows people to buy each other real alcoholic drinks over social networking sites for the first time ever."

Mike Baker, business development director at First Quench, said: "With a participating First Quench store within ten minutes of 90% of people in the UK, it's a really innovative yet simple way of marking a special occasion with a drink between friends."

Separately, Threshers is repeating its distribution of 40%-off vouchers via the internet and other channels this year.