Tiger-King duo trade shaves for shades with launch of sunglasses brand

Idea came from a misspelt photo caption.

King and Savage: launched King of Shades brand via Kickstarter
King and Savage: launched King of Shades brand via Kickstarter

King of Shaves founder Will King and his wife, creative director Tiger Savage, have taken wordplay to staggering new heights to cement the mogul’s title as “King of Shades”.

The heavy-handed pun dates back to 2010, when King was wrongly captioned in a photograph as the “founder of King of Shades” as opposed to his actual role as the chief executive of King of Shaves – a challenger brand to Gillette in the early 1990s.

Savage (then his girlfriend) made a remark about patenting the phrase, which King took seriously to eventually create the King of Shades website, which hosts the pair’s new sunglasses brand, Shugs.

Launched via a Kickstarter campaign today (14 December), Shugs has been unveiled alongside a film which shows two twentysomethings as they wear their shades indoors, presumably to cope with the ad’s bright backgrounds.

The pair dance and wear their sunnies on their necks and various other body parts before hugging, prompting the tagline “sunglasses that hug”.

“In 2021, two things we’ll all want are sun and a hug, so we’re hoping that – although launching Shugs has taken so long – our timing is spot on,” Savage and King said.

The sunglasses are designed and manufactured in the UK and come with a lifetime guarantee.

King stepped down as CEO of King of Shaves in 2014, ahead of his 50th birthday, and launched agency Savage & King a year later.