Timberland offers tips on sustainability via workshops

Brand will teach guests how to grow food from scraps.

Timberland: lesson on basics of propagating
Timberland: lesson on basics of propagating

Timberland is hosting a series of green workshops to educate consumers on how to live a more sustainable life.

The shoes and clothing brand hopes to emphasise its dedication to sustainable products, innovations, green initiatives and servicing its communities.

There are three workshops that will be led by Urban Growth, an enterprise that strives to make London a greener and healthier place to live.

"Growing from food scraps" will teach which food scraps people can regrow into plants; "Easy food growing for beginners in small spaces" focuses on the vegetables best for beginners to cultivate, as well as the basics of propagating; and "Closing the loop, tips for a more green fingered life" will touch on composting, reduced plastic use, seed saving and more.

The events will take place across January and February in Timberland’s concept store on Carnaby Street, London.