Time to #CutTheJargon
A view from Rori DuBoff

Time to #CutTheJargon

This industry has a chronic buzzword problem. Havas Media's global head of strategy prescribes a simple glossary to cure it

For an industry that is supposed to be great at solving communications problems, we also do a really good job complicating things. Specifically when it pertains to new marketing and technology terms. We create new words, merge old words and reinvent the definition of words to try and explain basic ideas.

Then we repetitively, almost incessantly, start saying, hearing and seeing these buzz-filled phrases everywhere. Yet as these words get overused, many of us start to question what exactly are we talking about? Many of us even wonder if we have the knowledge to understand such complicated concepts. We even become intimidated, choosing simply to ignore these words.

Yet these overused terms are not so complicated if explained in regular layman’s language. It’s time we cut the jargon, and start doing a better job explaining basic principles with real words.

Here are the five hyped words explained in 140 characters.

1. #Programmatic = automated media buying.

Rather than manually buying ads through people and paperwork, programmatic is automated media buying with technology & software

2.  #Big Data = huge amounts of information.

Endless amounts of data in all different formats  (text, image, video, audio) from multiple sources (PC, mobile, social, satellite, etc.)

3.  #Internet of Things (IOT) = anything connected to the Internet.

Interconnection of everyday objects (i.e. TVs, phones, appliances, cars) to the Internet so they become shareable, locatable, controllable

4. #Sensors = little power activated chips.    

Small devices that can be embedded into everyday objects to detect & respond to movements, temperature, light, pressure, sound, speed 

5. #Wearables = technology accessories on the body.

Any portable item, accessory or clothing that incorporates technology (often sensors) and can be worn on the body versus handheld

 This is the first of an ongoing series to #cutthejargon.

Rori DuBoff is the global head of strategy at Havas Media.