Times newspapers launch film series starring writers including Caitlin Moran

The Times and The Sunday Times have given a selection of independent film-makers access to its staff and 229 years of archive material to make a series of short films.

  • "power of words"

  • "question everything"

  • "Times New Roman"

  • "photojournalism"


The collection of films, called The Unquiet Film Series, is the first time the two papers have told their stories in film in a bid to portray the values and beliefs of its journalists and readers.

Together, they aim to form an affectionate portrait of The Times newspapers and the numerous hands involved in producing the publications, from writers and designers, through to photographers and editors.

The first four films – "power of words", "question everything", "photojournalism" and "Times New Roman" – were released today and are available to view online at Foreverunquiet.co.uk

In "power of words", made by Channel 4 director Liz Unna, the journalists Caitlin Moran, Matthew Parris and Ben Macintyre discuss their divergent upbringings and how words have influenced their lives as well as their careers as writers.

"I still don’t really know grammar – I know a noun is a namey thing," Caitlin Moran said in the film.

There will be nine films in total when the project is complete, with the remaining five films to be made over the next two months.

The project was a collaboration between News UK, the publisher of The Times and The Sunday Times newspapers, the creative agency Grey London, the production company Betsy Works and the creative director Phil Lind.

Nick Stringer, director of marketing communications at News UK, said: "Great journalism can take up a cause, drive change and influence an effect. The Times and The Sunday Times have always strived to be an agent of change and their restless journalism has led to the telling of some of the most important stories in history."

Grey London’s in-house digital agency GreyPossible and the design agency How Splendid created the website, which will host The Unquiet Film Series, as well as additional content including biographies, interviews and archive material.

M/SIX handled media for the films, while Grey London handled strategy.

Dave Monk, the deputy executive creative director at Grey London, said: "The Unquiet Film Series is not an advertising campaign. Collaborating with The Times and The Sunday Times editorial and archive teams has resulted in a piece of legitimate, beautiful content that stands tall in its own right."