The Times releases Unquiet Film about Syria kidnapping

The Times has launched a further instalment of its Unquiet Film Series documenting the kidnapping and return of two journalists in Syria.


The seventh instalment of the short film series, entitled 'Bearing Witness', follows the story of the foreign correspondent Anthony Loyd and the photographer Jack Hill, who were snatched in May.

The pair’s vehicle was forced to the side of the road when they were making their way to Turkey from Tall Rifat in northern Syria. They were captured and held in captivity where both were badly beaten. Loyd was shot twice in the leg before their release.

The film is told from Loyd and Hill’s perspective and explores the tensions between citizen journalism and professional reporting in areas of conflict, as well as the difficulties in achieving objective coverage in dangerous regions.

The Times deputy editor, Emma Tucker, and deputy foreign editor, Suzy Jagger, provide commentary on the systems and challenges of safeguarding journalists reporting from hostile environments.

The series of films is a collaboration between News UK, the publisher of The Times and The Sunday Times newspapers, the creative agency Grey London, the production company Betsy Works and the creative director Phil Lind.

Lind said: "Filming with Anthony and Jack opened a window into a world that I did not expect. Their openness to discussing their kidnap ordeal was not only fascinating, but also an incredibly sobering experience not just for me, but also for the entire crew.

"To understand that they were actually lucky to survive their incredibly violent abduction and that they both now remain firmly committed to continuing to report from war zones for The Times is truly remarkable to me."

Previous films featured The Times journalists Caitlin Moran, Matthew Parris and Ben Macintyre.