TNS widens UK telecoms survey to continental markets

LONDON - TNS Technology is rolling out its UK ComTech telecoms research project across France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

The rollout of TNS ComTech, which has been operating in the UK for six years, will create the world's largest syndicated research project measuring the converging markets of mobile telecoms, fixed line, broadband and pay TV.

It will undertake more than 1.2m interviews during its first year as 170,000 panellists will be questioned every four weeks. The same panellists will be used each time.

Nic Lewisohn, global director of syndicated services for TNS Technology, said: "Our aim has been to establish a unique and globally consistent benchmark for multi-country market measurements, delivering detailed insight into consumer behaviour and attitudes, retail store information and competitor intelligence to support local and global campaigns.

"The syndicated nature of the service gives clients easy access to a product that would normally need a significant amount of investment if bespoke."

TNS ComTech will deliver 13 four-weekly reports per year, with the first to be issued in October 2008.