Toby Courlander joins Spank Films

Toby Courlander, a former partner at the production company Outsider, has joined Spank Films as an executive producer to work alongside the managing partner, Bash Robertson.

Courlander…bringing directors to Spank
Courlander…bringing directors to Spank

Courlander also brings directors from No Brain and Andersen M Studio, two collectives that had been represented by his film agency Broadway, to Spank.

He joined Outsider in 1997 soon after it was launched by Robert Campbell, and has produced for directors including Johan Gulbranson, David Lodge and Elaine Constantine. Courlander is also known for his long association with the director Michel Gondry.

Courlander's accolades include a Cannes gold Lion and two D&AD silver awards for Levi's "drugstore" in 1995, a Cannes gold Lion for Smirnoff "Smarienberg" in 1996 and a D&AD silver for Polaroid "resignation" in 1996.

Andersen M Studio won two gold Lions and the Young Director's Award at Cannes this year for its paper animation film Going West.