Tom returns in McCann Breezer work

Tom, the housecat-cum-secret swinger of the Bacardi Breezer ads, is

returning in a new burst of advertising timed and themed to coincide

with this weekend's Charity Shield curtain-raiser to the new football


In the new film produced by McCann-Erickson - part of a £10

million promotional investment underpinning the brand - the cat is

transformed from an armchair fan to a soccer superstar.

The commercial makes its debut this Sunday (12 August) on network and

satellite TV, the day that Manchester United, the Premier League

champions, play the FA Cup winners, Liverpool, for the Charity


The commercial, which carries the line "Bacardi Breezer. There's Latin

spirit in everyone", intends to extend the drink's appeal beyond its

core 18- to 25-year-old market to anybody with a sense of fun, whatever

their age.

The ad - in 20- and ten-second versions - is set in a flat where Tom is

watching a football match on TV while the old lady who owns him


As a goal is scored and the final whistle blows, the cat leaps

jubilantly into the air while kicking the old lady's ball of wool.

The Bacardi-Martini UK marketing manager, Roger Harrison, said: "Tom

symbolises the essence of the brand and the ad expresses its


Ben Langdon, McCann's chief executive, said: "Breezer constantly

reappraises its offering, never losing touch with its audience."

The film was written by Luke White and Mark Hurst and directed by Who?

for Great Guns. Media buying is by Universal McCann.