Tommee Tippee launches 'battle cry' for mothers to feed infants their way

'The boob life' aims to demystify infant feeding with an honest approach.

Parenting brand Tommee Tippee has launched a global campaign to demystify the realities of infant feeding to new and prospective mums.

“The boob life” incorporates a brand film and a six-part digital content series that aims to provoke more honest conversation about feeding.

The bold ad showcases a range of feeding methods, such as breast, bottles and pumps, with the message that it is OK for mothers to shape feeding around their needs and to feel confident, whatever they do.

The campaign shows real mums, babies and breast milk. It captures feeding stories from different women across the world, including Lorna, a bottle-feeding mum who has had a double mastectomy, and Hannah, who combines breastfeeding with expressing, so that her husband can also help feed their twins.

The longer-form “Spill the milk” content series homes in on elements of feeding that are still shrouded in mystery, from “the latch” to “milk supply” and “dealing with judgment”, with the aim of starting an open dialogue for women.

The work was created by Manifest’s creative director, Chomoi Picho-Owiny, who joined the agency from The New York Times last year. It was directed by Fiona Burgess, who also directed Mother’s 2018 “Pumping. Unplugged” film for Elvie. The production company was The Gate.

Picho-Owiny said: “'The boob life' is a battle cry for women to feel confident about how they feed their babies, whether that’s by breastfeeding, bottle feeding or pumping. No mum should feel pressured to compromise their happiness and mental wellness because of outdated societal viewpoints that surround feeding.”

It comes after the brand and agency carried out research among 750 mothers around the world, which found women feel judged and overlooked when it comes to feeding and are often underprepared or vulnerable when they come to do it. As one first-time mum, Hannah, said: “Breastfeeding is the cruellest joke after labour, nobody tells you how hard it is going to be, or how it knocks you mentally.”

More than seven in 10 (74%) of the women surveyed said they felt that society overlooks breastfeeding challenges, with half admitting to feeling pressured to breastfeed, even if they struggled to do so. Shockingly, 56% of women revealed that breastfeeding affected their mental wellness.

“Up until now, the baby feeding category has failed to stand up against the challenges mums face when it comes to feeding, and women across the world have been impacted by this,” Neil Knowles, Tommee Tippee’s global campaign and content manager, said.

He added: “The category has been very focused on [the] baby and baby’s needs. But what about mum? Through our research, we uncovered that 94% of women felt feeding and breastfeeding should be more openly and honestly spoken about.

“'The boob life' campaign tackles this issue head-on. Grounded in insight, it empowers women to feel positive and proud about how they feed. A beautiful celebration of women which will set new standards and open the conversation of infant feeding.”

"The Boob Life" is the first global campaign Manifest has delivered for Tommee Tippee since being appointed by the parenting brand in spring 2020. It will be rolled out across the world by Tommee Tippee’s local agencies including Stir PR (UK), Manifest Melbourne (Australia) and 360PR+ (US).

The campaign promotes two new additions to Tommee Tippee’s Made for Me range: breast pads in a range of sizes, shapes and absorbencies and a double electric breast pump.


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