Tony Wright makes Lowe London regional network hub

Tony Wright, the chief executive and president of Lowe Worldwide, has developed plans to make Lowe London one of four key agencies in Europe as part of his global "lighthouse" strategy.

Lowe London will become the lighthouse office overseeing the Lowe offices in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Garry Lace, the chief executive of Lowe London, will have his responsibilities increased. Reporting to Wright, he will oversee all of these offices.

Wright said: "This is about focusing on leadership from London. I am delighted with the leadership that Garry has shown over the past ten months and look forward to extending this throughout Europe."

In the rest of Europe, changes have been made to the lighthouse agencies that were put in place earlier this year. Wright has named two new lead lighthouses.

Warsaw will take over from Vienna as the lighthouse agency for Central and Eastern Europe. And in Germany, the lead agency will change from Hamburg to Frankfurt. In addition, the Austrian and Swiss offices will now come under the remit of the German lighthouse.

Lowe Stockholm was appointed the pivotal agency in markets including Sweden, Denmark and Norway earlier this year. This arrangement will stay in place.

Commenting on the European changes, Wright said: "Since we launched the strategy, we have been working to define how it works best for our clients.

I have made some changes to the locations and leadership of the lighthouse offices across Europe. The Lowe agencies in these four cities are strong both in leadership terms and creatively."