Top 10 ads with the highest recall in a single week in Adwatch 2008

LONDON - A Churchill commercial scored the highest recall at 83% in a single week in Marketing's Adwatch of the Year during 2008.

Top 10 ads with the highest recall in a single week in Adwatch 2008

The ranking below, compiled from the 51 Adwatch tables that ran between 1 November 2007 and 31 October 2008, ranks the 10 commercials that scored highest in one particular week.

A description of each ad and when it appeared appears below the table.


Best recall in Adwatch in any single week
RankBrandAgencyScoreTV spend
3Marks & SpencerRKCR Y&R77%31.1
4TescoRed Brick Road76%39.86
5PC WorldM&C Saatchi74%17.17
7ArgosCHI & Parters71%24.65
7Post OfficeMother71%7.65
9Sainsbury'sAMV BBDO70%33.76

  • Churchill. In a TV studio, ‘Kim from Beckford' challenges Churchill with a series of questions. 05.03.08
  • Asda. Julie Walters works as a Christmas trainee, helping staff decorate a tree. 23.01.08
  • Marks & Spencer. ‘Christmas Belles' Twiggy et al in 50s musical, with Antonio Banderas taking a guest spot. 12.12.07
  • Tesco. The Spice Girls shop for presents in a Secret Santa exercise, hiding from each other in-store. 16..1.08
  • PC World. The employees discuss Christmas bargains, including a Compaq laptop at £399. 23.01.08
  • Morrisons. Lulu's Christmas Feast. Lulu walks trough snowy streets and suggests Christmas food. 12.12.07
  • Argos. The Christmas Gift Guide, with Wizzards ‘I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday' as backing. 21.11.07
  • Post Office. Members of Westlife buy broadband packages from the Post Office. 05.12.07
  • Sainsbury's. Now that her kids are growing up, a mum (actress Tracy Brabin) starts work in Sainsbury's. 08010.08
  • Man in a cartoon landscape promotes discounts on car insurance. 06.08.08