Top 10 radio ads of 2014

1. Imperial War Museum London, ‘Alfie’

Agency: Johnny Fearless
Creatives: Paul Domenet, Steve Smith, Harriet Russell-Vick
Producer: Christian Lobo
Sound engineer: Ben Leeves
Facilities house: GCRS                                                                          


Man: Dear Lord Kitchener, I want to go to the front. I can ride jolly quick and will go as a dispatch rider.

I am a good shot and will kill a good few Germans, as I am very strong and often win a fight with lads twice as big as myself.

I am an Irish boy…

Boy: …nine years of age...

Yours affectionately, Alfie Knight.

Man: I’m a child’s letter to a lord. Hear my story here in the new First World War Galleries at IWM London.

Now open.

2. Duracell, ‘tour guide’

Agency: Grey London
Creatives: Gary McNulty, Paul Moran
Producer: Tanya Fitzgerald
Sound engineer: Gary Turnbull
Facilities house: GCRS


Tour guide: Bonjour, ladies and gentlemen. I am Pascale, your guide on this tour of Paris.

SFX: Intermittent sound of microphone interrupts the following.

Tour guide: …ing for the city’s famous river. I’m sure that none of you are… sane.

Now, on the left, you’ll see Notre Dame. What’s that, sir? 

Yes, you are… a hunchback.

And, for the ladies at the front, you are… so hideous gargoyles.

Ooh, ha ha.

And so to the Louvre. That’s right, madam… you are… possibly the world’s most-famous moaner.

MVO: Don’t let the wrong batteries spoil your day. Use Duracell Ultra, our longest-lasting batteries.

3. Freeview, ‘another level’ 

Agency: Leo Burnett
Creatives: Rob Tenconi, Mark Franklin
Producer: Adam Furman
ound engineer: Andy Humphreys
Facilities house: 750mph


MVO: We’ve all been there. You’re watching TV with the whole family when the two lead characters start getting intimate.

Your daughter goes red, her boyfriend goes maroon, your wife puts the kettle on, Uncle Ian swears he heard the door bell and, let’s face it, you’ll never look your mum in the eye again.

Or try watching it in HD.

With even more subscription-free HD channels on the way, buy a Freeview HD TV and learn what awkwardness really is.

Freeview HD. How good is that?


4. 02, ‘rice’

Agency: VCCP
Creatives: Lucy Aston, Josefine Lindmark
Producer: Charlie Falconer
Sound engineer: Gary Walker
Facilities house: 750mph


SFX: Sound of phone ringing.

James: Hi, this is O2 Guru James. 

How can I help?

Mobile phone: I’ve been swimming.

James: Oh, lovely.

Mobile phone: No, Guru James – I’m
not water-resistant.

James: Right. The best thing to do when your phone gets wet is put it in some rice.

Mobile phone: Sunrise was at 4.23 today.

James: OK… you need to put your
phone in a container of rice and leave
it overnight.

Mobile phone: Calling Oliver Knight.

MVO: For tech tips and advice, speak to an O2 Guru in-store or online.

It’s what your phone would do.

O2. Be more dog.

5. RNLI, ‘drowning’

Agency: Leo Burnett
Creatives: Milo Williams, Ben Newman
Producer: Adam Furman
Sound engineers: Dan Beckwith, Jon Clarke
Facilities house: Factory


SFX: Twenty-plus blokes splashing around in the sea singing. Party atmosphere, waves crashing.

Seagull cries.

Men: [Singing] We’re not singing any more… we’re not singing any mooooore…

the number of voices is reduced and the sound of
the waves increases.]

We’re not singing… we’re not singing… we’re not singing any mooooore…

[This continues until there is just
one voice.]

We’re not singing any more…

[Now we just hear the waves.
Seagull cries.]

MVO: Last year, 23 men lost their lives in the water after drinking alcohol.
It impaired their judgment and ability
in the water.

Don’t drink and swim.

For the facts, visit

6. Expedia, ‘scuba’

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Creatives: Jon Morgan, Mike Watson
Producer: Andy Roberts
Sound engineer: Chris Wrigglesworth
Facilities house: Clearcut Sound


SFX: Sound of sea and birds.

MVO1: Why be Andy Nuttall when you can be…

SFX: Sound of scuba diver jumping into water and being submerged.

MVO2: [Muffled] Andy Nuttall!

MVO1: Travel yourself interesting with

Broaden your horizons with thousands of destinations and save when you book your flight and hotel together.

Terms and conditions apply.

See for details.


7. Cancer Research UK, ‘sweary science’

Agency: Mother
Creatives: Richard Biggs, Jolyon White
Producer: Natasha Bloom
Sound engineer: Sam Ashwell
Facilities house: 750mph


FVO: Oi, cancer, you malignant little neoplasm.

You’re nothing but an ignorant carcinoma.

We’re wise to your tricks, you worthless haematobium.

We’re going to rip your clonorchis off and shove it so far up your chondroblasts your lympho-reticular system won’t know its metastasis from its sarcoma.

Cancer, we’re coming to get you.

Run, walk, dance, enter at

Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life, in partnership with Tesco.

8. The Co-operative, ‘Janet’ 

Agency: Leo Burnett
Creative: Natasha Ali
Producer: Adam Furman
Sound engineers: Ben Gulvin, Phil Bolland
Facilities house: 750mph


SFX: A man clears his throat to say something.

Man: Janet, I love you a lot.

Mostly you are hot.

And I really don’t give a jot, 

If every bit of you is not… hot.

Janet: Wow, that’s lovely…

FVO: This Valentine’s, give them something you know they’ll love. 

Our chocolate heart and Fairtrade sweetheart roses are just £5 each.

The Co-operative. Here for you for life.

Participating stores. Subject to availability. Roses end 14 February.

9. Radio Advertising Bureau, ‘coin it in’ 

Agency: Radioville
Creative: Tim Craig
Producer: Liz Carter
Sound engineer: Alex Shenton


MVO: Here’s a game you might like.

It works like this.

Every time you give me £1, I give you £8. 

Got it? You give me £1, I give you £8.

This simple and appealing game has a name.

It’s called radio advertising.

And you can play it right now on this radio station.

New research from the RAB shows that, on average, radio delivers an almost eightfold return on investment to advertisers.

To find out more, visit

10. Business in the Community, ‘phone-in’ 

Agency: Leo Burnett
Creatives: Hugh Todd, Darren Keff, Phillip Meyler
Producer: Adam Furman
Sound engineers: Sam Robson, Jon Clarke
Facilities house: Factory 


James Whale: Our first caller on the line is Tom from Leytonstone. Hello, Tom.

Tom: Hi, yes, so I got out of prison about eight months ago. I signed up for every course that I cou…

James Whale: Thanks, Tom. Our next caller, Melissa from Croydon. Melissa…

Melissa: Yeah, the hardest thing about being an ex-offender is getting someone to hear y…

James Whale: Thanks, Melissa. Next caller, Nathan from Hackney. Nathan…

Nathan: Oh, hi, err, I’ve been in and out of prison since I was a teena…

FVO: It takes less than 30 seconds to write off an ex-offender. 

Give them a second chance and hear what they’ve got to say. 



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