Top 10 radio ads of 2017

From a counter-terrorism police investigation to an exhilarated turn on the biggest slide in the world, Campaign ranks the top 10 radio ads of the year.

1. National Counter Terrorism Policing ‘Multiple bombings’

Agency:  Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Creatives: Nicholas Hulley, Steve Jones, Martin Loraine, Nadja Lossgott 
Producer: Anita Sasdy 
Sound engineer: Ben Gulvin


[Tense and urgent music.] 

Narrator "In 2004, counter-terrorism police were tracking a terrorist cell… former senior Special Branch officer Nick Sloan…"

Sloan "They were ‘players’ – they had been abroad, they had been to training camps."

[Sounds of gunfire, shouted orders in Urdu.]

Narrator "This is one of the men…" 

Male voice one "I knew that they wanted to get explosive training to do something in the UK."

Sloan "We knew they were ready and willing, we just didn’t know if they were able." 

Narrator "Luckily counter-terrorism police were about to get a big break." 

[Phone ringing.]

Female voice "Hi, I’m calling from the storage unit – we’ve got some guys that are storing nearly a tonne of fertiliser."

Male voice two "For example, in a large fertiliser bomb inside a built-up area like London, the explosive force would be like having a steam train pass through an office." 

[Sound of approaching steam train, followed by breaking glass.]

Sloan "We suddenly knew where the bomb was." 

[Sound of a police raid.] 

Narrator "If you see anything suspicious, act on it. Call police on 0800 789 321. Confidentially. Call. Visit. Act. For the full inside story, visit gov.uk/act, or search ‘Code: severe, a podcast series’."

2. Chiltern Railways ‘Slide’

Agency: The Gate
Creatives: Hugo Bone, Claire Philips
Producer: Richard Donaghue
Sound engineer: Sam Cross


Male voice [Calm to start with, but becoming increasingly exhilarated, as he speeds down a 178-metre slide.] "The Chiltern Railways London Family Travelcard is such a big deal, I’m recooooording this inside the ArcelorMittal Orbit – home to the biggest sliiiiiiide in the woooorld!

"This summer, from just £25, you’ll get retuuuurn train tickets to London Marylebone, unlimited bus and Tube journeys and two for one on many of London’s top attraaaaaaactions!

[Slightly out of breath.] "Book your London Family Travelcard, from just £25, today, at chilternbigdeal.co.uk."

3. Cancer Research UK ‘The breath’

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Creatives: Diccon Driver, Alan Wilson
Producer: Frankie Burwell-Wright
Sound engineer: Parv Thind


Male voice "Hi, my name’s John. I’m about to take a deep breath and try to read the following out loud, in one go, without stopping. [Takes a deep breath.] 

"If like me you’ve noticed you run out of breath doing things like playing with your kids, you’ve probably thought about quitting smoking, but doing it alone can be tough. That’s why I’m going to contact a local ‘Stop Smoking’ adviser, who’ll give me one-to-one support and advice to make sure I quit for good… [runs out of breath, then inhales deeply] …so I’ll no longer run out of breath carrying out simple tasks like this one.

"To find a ‘Stop Smoking’ adviser who’ll give you the best chance of quitting for good, visit nhs.uk/smokefree." 

4. Alzheimer’s Society  ‘It’s time to forget’

Agency: McCann London
Creatives: Dan Howarth, Mike Oughton, Laurence Thomson 
Producer: Lois Newcombe
Sound engineer: Adam Smyth

5. Shell V Power ‘Sing’

Agency: J Walter Thompson London
Creatives: Paul Burke, Paul Rizzello
Producer: Sarah Perkins
Sound engineer: Toby Griffin

6. KFC ‘Money’

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty London
Creatives: Maria Sousa Machado, Claire Stokes
Producer: Tandy Tatter
Sound engineer: Joe Wilkinson 

7. The AA ‘Baby route’ 

Agency: Adam & Eve/DDB
Creatives: Frank Ginger, Shay Reading
Producer: Louise Richardson
Sound engineer: Sam Ashwell

8. Tesco ‘Ian’s proper croque monsieur’

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty London
Creatives: Tom Drew, Nick Kidney
Producer: Ally Mee
Sound engineer: Factory

9. Hellman’s ‘Tentacled brain sac’ 

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Creatives: Angus George, Joanna Osborne, Johnny Watters
Producer: James Royce
Sound engineer: Chris Wrigglesworth

10. Kit Kat ‘Have a break from Valentine’s’

Agency: J Walter Thompson London
Creatives: James Lucking, Will Wright
Producer: Tash Bedford 
Sound engineer: Leaf Troup