Top 10 UK marketing and advertising Klout influencers on social media

These are the most influential people on social media in the UK's marketing and advertising industry, according to Klout.

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1. Dave Chaffey

20.2K followers | 1.9K following | 6.8K tweets

Straight in at number one is Dr Dave Chaffey, editor and cofounder of Smart Insights, a membership-based publisher of digital marketing advice and training courses. The majority of Chaffey's tweets are links to Smart Insights content, but he often retweets from the Smart Insights handle, or from Smart Insights writers. He also takes it easy on the hashtags.

2. Zbynek Kysela

82.2K followers | 42K following | 147K tweets

Wow, that's a lot of tweets. Brighton-based Zbynek Kysela takes a similar approach to his business partner Terezie Kyselova (number 12 on our list), although somehow he's managed about double the followers with a mix of photos, quotes and links to offers of social media coaching. He's also a social media partner of Tweet Jukebox. Remember that name, you'll be seeing it crop up throughout this list.

3. Lilach Bullock

85.4K followers | 21.6K following | 243K tweets

— Lilach Bullock (@lilachbullock) July 31, 2015

This is not the first list Lilach Bullock has appeared on. She was 14th on Forbes' 2013 list, The Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers, which used analysis from Peek Analytics. Bullock is the co-founder of digital agency Communications Axis, and her broadcast style timeline mixes links to her company's posts and other on-topic content.

4. Timothy Hughes

119K followers | 119K following | 174K tweets

Tim Hughes has not one, but three Twitter accounts. And the one that Klout ranked isn't even his work one (his employer, Oracle, must be pissed – jk). We're delighted to see Hughes post self-contained tweets (above) and the occasional funny. Hughes is an advocate of social selling. What is that? Why don't we let him explain:

5. Ian Anderson Gray

44.9K followers | 36.5K following | 61.9K tweets

November 2006. That's when Ian Anderson Gray joined Twitter. He blogs and advertises his social media services at Seriously Social, but spends more time on Twitter sharing links to other people's articles.

6. Lynn Serafinn

53.3K followers | 32.2K following | 80K tweets

Lynn Serafin is the author of two marketing books, The 7 Graces of Marketing and Tweep-E-Licious!, with another on blogging for social entrepreneurs on the way. Serafin also runs Spirit Authors, which advises self-publishers of "mind-body-spirit" books. Tips and tricks from these products dominate Serafin's feed, with tweets coming at a rate of two per hour for up to six hour stretches.

7. Lukasz Zelezny

33.4K followers | 14.6K followers | 23K tweets

Head of organic search acquisition at price comparison website uSwitch, Lukasz Zelezny posts plenty of search content from the likes of Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Watch. He also promotes his appearances at conferences and mixes in a few personal tweets so you know he's not a bot. Like many others on this list, he curates content on Paper.li.

8. Stephen Waddington

16.6K followers | 2K following | 48.6K tweets

When you're the chief engagement officer at Ketchum, your Twitter feed should not solely consist of links to your blog posts. Stephen Waddington sidesteps that trap with plentiful retweets, stepping into topics of the day (such as rumours that Buzzfeed would buy the FT – ha!) and a whole lot of @ replies. His Tweets & Replies timeline is substantially different to his Tweets only timeline. Even on this list, that's rare. Click the tweet below to see multiple conversations branching off from one post.

9. Zoe Cairns

25.1K followers | 14.6K following | 20.4K tweets

To be fair, Zoe Cairns also engages with a lot of replies, too. Cairns also retweets questions after a presentation she's given, as well as posting the occasional reminder of her and her digital agency's services. The timeline is rounded out with links to blogs by Cairn and other articles on social media.

10. Nicky Kriel

15.3K followers | 14K following | 30.7K tweets

Nicky Kriel is a social media coach and trainer, and we like her use of images with advice, watermarked with her website address. Kriel adds a sprinkle of retweets, a few personal pictures (although never with people), and also uses Twitter Jukebox to automatically thank her top interactors.

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