Top 10 VW ads

LONDON - Volkswagen has been awarded the Advertiser of the Year prize at this summer's Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival - view the top 10 best VW ads of all time.

The festival organisers use the award to celebrate the advertisers that distinguish themselves for their innovative marketing techniques and their willingness to encourage creativity in their agencies.

Above, we show the best 10 ads from VW, selected by its ad agency, DDB London.

Picture gallery: VW Beetle lemon, 1960

Video 1: VW Polo traffic jam poem, 2000
Video 2: VW Golf changes, 1987
Video 3: VW nightdrive, 2007
Video 4: VW Polo dog, 2008
Video 5: VW snowplough, 1963
Video 6: VW Golf singing in the rain, 2005
Video 7: VW Polo protection, 1997
Video 8: VW funeral, 1969
Video 9: VW lamp post, 1998