Top 50 UK marketing and advertising Klout influencers on social media

We asked Klout to run the numbers on social media influencers in the UK's marketing and advertising industry.

Top 50 UK marketing and advertising Klout influencers on social media

Klout has suffered a bit of a backlash in the past few years, but we're still suckers for fun (read: obsessive) rankings.

Since Klout launched, analysis of social networks has taken off (see this year's obsessive coverage of the social General Election, for one) and Klout has evolved. So we asked them for a report on the top marketing and advertising influencers in the UK, to see what they'd find.

Klout looked at activity on social accounts (including content posted and reacted to, as well as follower and following accounts, among other things) on 21 July for the prior 90 days. They focussed on expertise in the following 15 topics: advertising; branding; communications; content marketing; digital media; email marketing; influencer marketing; internet marketing; marketing; mobile advertising; native advertising; online advertising; search advertising; social marketing and social media.

So who came out on top? A wide range of individuals. Members of the c-suite from major corporations, individuals who offer a diverse set of coaching, training and online services, people who still play the Klout game and proudly display their number on their avatar, and people with marcoms day jobs who just seem genuinely interested in the industry. And one account we decided to omit.

We hope that browsing this list, you'll find new people who you think are worth following, and pick up a few tips on Twitter techniques and popular tools. (We limited ourselves to making observations about activity on that platform, even though Klout takes other social platforms into account.)

So without further ado, here are Klout's rankings. Click a name to read more about that person.

Rank Name Handle Who are they?
1 Dave Chaffey @DaveChaffey Editor and cofounder of Smart Insights.
2 Zbynek Kysela @cmelakigor Brighton-based social media coach.
3 Lilach Bullock @lilachbullock Cofounder of digital agency Communications Axis.
4 Timothy Hughes @Timothy_Hughes Director at Oracle, advocate of social selling and blogger.
5 Ian Anderson Gray @iagdotme Offers social media expertise via Seriously Social. Early Twitter adopter.
6 Lynn Serafinn @LynnSerafinn Author and trainer.
7 Lukasz Zelezny @LukaszZelezny Head of organic search acquisition at price comparison website uSwitch.
8 Stephen Waddington @wadds Chief engagement officer at PR agency Ketchum.
9 Zoe Cairns @zoe_cairns Social media speaker, trainer and consultant in Kent.
10 Nicky Kriel @NickyKriel Social media coach and trainer.
11 Liz Azyan @Liz_Azyan Social media styler.
12 Terezie Kyselova @LadyTerezie Brighton-based social media coach.
13 Stewart Harding @Exposure4All Exploits his social following as an ad network of sorts.
14 Sarah Arrow @SarahArrow Blogging consultant and ebook author.
15 Warren Knight @wvrknight Speaker and consultant.
16 Nathaniel Schooler @NatSchooler MD of social media and retail delivery business Kinetica.
17 Bryony Thomas @bryonythomas Bristol based author and speaker.
18 Jim Connolly @JimConnolly Runs Jim's Marketing Blog.
19 Robert Tyson @TheTysonReport Editor of The Tyson Report and podcaster.
20 Christopher Wellbelove @wellbelove Digital engagement strategist at BT.
21 Bryan Adams @Bryan_phc Founder of PHCreative agency in Liverpool.
22 Thomas Power @thomaspower Digital coach and member of sundry boards.
23 Lisa Briercliffe @lisabriercliffe Social business consultant.
24 Doug Kessler @dougkessler Cofounder and creative Director of B2B agency Velocity.
25 Matt Navarra @MattNavarra Social media director for The Next Web.
26 Michelle Harris @michelledh Editor of TechieMink and community manager of Fairy Dust Media.
27 Stuart Davidson @RealSocialShark Poker player turned digital marketer.
28 George Morina @GeorgeMorina Social media consultant.
29 Dr Aliya Shah @aliya_Hshah Founder of marketing communications firm APR360.
30 [Omitted]
31 Paul Frampton @Paul_Framp Group MD of Havas Media Group and CEO of Havas Media.
32 Amanda Watts @AmandaCWatts Business coach.
33 Tony Restell @tonyrestell Director at Social-Hire, consultants to recruiters.
34 Khalid Hamdan @KhalidHamdan0 Social media and tech enthusiast.
35 Damion Elson @degrafik Provider of online services in Yorkshire.
36 Dan Purvis @DanPurvis Cofounder of digital agency Communications Axis.
37 Richard Bagnall @richardbagnall CEO of Prime Research UK, among many other roles with a focus on data and reporting.
38 Jeremy Waite @jeremywaite ‎Head of digital strategy, EMEA, at Salesforce; author.
39 Stuart Bruce @stuartbruce PR advisor with a digital focus.
40 Anthony Johnson @AnthonyJohns0n Digital marketing consultant.
41 Ian M Calvert @IanMCalvert Trainer and consultant.
42 Rory Sutherland @rorysutherland Vice chairman of Ogilvy Group UK.
43 Steve Lodge @Steve_SEO_UK SEO and internet marketer.
44 Loïc Baudry @LoicBaudry Senior account manager for Emoderation.
45 Robert Jones @exodusanalytics Small business consultant for Exodus Digital Marketing.
46 Lara O'Reilly @larakiara Business Insider global advertising editor.
47 Neville Hobson @jangles Cofounder and presenter on the FIR Podcast Network. Early Twitter adopter.
48 John Watton @jwatton Director of digital marketing EMEA for Adobe Systems Europe.
49 Mike Lemaic @m1lem Business professional.
50 Claire Jarrett @clairejarrett Trainer.