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Top branded Vines of the month: McDonalds, Hewlett-Packard & DiGiorno

Marketing, with the help of social media experts Unruly, showcases three must-watch branded Vines released in the last four weeks. This month we have a special delivery, a fishy Zach King and a 'delish' sandwich dance.


Viners Brittany BennettDom GoldJosh Umaguing and Valerie Torres star in this rather bizarre Vine for DiGiorno pizza, giving the phrase a 'healthy delivery' a whole new meaning. Playing on DiGiorno's tag-line 'It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno', Vine has three punked-esque doctors delivering a healthy pepperoni pizza. Nearly enough to put me off my appetite, but as long as it's without pineapple, right?

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Katie Ryan brings us the next Vine, this time for McDonald's. This ad brings whacky parenting to a new level. Featuring the adorable Ryan as herself, her parents introduce her to the 'down with the kids' word 'delish'. Followed up by a little boogie. A little cray cray, if you ask me.

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If he's not jumping through cars, jumping out of his clothes or through your screens, Zach King, a regular on Marketing's top vines, tends to be breaking stuff, with gusto. This time Zach destroys a (not quite) virtual aquarium, all in the name of Hewlett-Packard #BendTheRules.

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